Discuss Host Large-Scale Conversations on Key Themes Do you want to increase employee engagement? Our Discuss forums ignite dialogues and encourage conversation among a large number of employees about an important topic. Request More Information
Solve Crowdsource Fresh Approaches to Critical Problems Got a problem that's blocking progress on a project? Our Solve Challenges crowdsource fresh approaches to critical problems, finding solutions to the previously unsolvable. Request More Information
Optimize Measurably Improve a Key Business Area Want to solicit ideas for improvement? Our Optimize Challenges allow you to collect suggestions from employees to make incremental, yet powerful improvements to a business area. Request More Information
Recognize Celebrate Your Most Outstanding Achievers Want to recognize and showcase high-performing people or projects in your business?  Our Recognize initiatives source nominations and votes and help broadcast the results. Request More Information
Name Source Names for Internal Programs Want to efficiently gather and evaluate a variety of unique names for any project?  Our Name sites efficiently collect and short-list potential names. Request More Information
Hack  Manage Your Hackathon from Start to Finish Want to set up a hackathon event? Our Hackathon sites collect project submissions, help rapidly build collaborative teams, and manage the entire event, from inception to conclusion.  Request More Information
Incubate Foster and Manage Corporate Intrapreneurship Need an incubator to support the development of your riskiest projects? Our Incubate processes provide pipelines for nurturing, managing, and tracking the development of projects over time. Request More Information
Pitch  Fund Game-Changing Projects Through Internal Shark Tanks Want to set up an internal shark tank event? Our Pitch sites collect new business proposals, provide mentorship to the teams before they pitch to executives, and grant budget for further development.  Request More Information
Consult Learn How to More Efficiently Spend Your Time Want to uncover potential areas of your business that are ready for refinement?  Our Consult initiatives allow you to crowdsource ideas from internal consulting teams. Request More Information
Understand Set Up a Topic for Design Research and Review Want new insights into your customers’ behavior? Our Understand forums empower employees to set up a large-scale design research project to analyze a spectrum of customer needs. Request More Information
Monitor  Connect with Colleagues to Monitor Trends  Want to stay abreast of developments in your industry? Our Monitor forums provide a space for employees and leadership to stay on top of market trends by crowdsourcing key updates.  Request More Information
Venture Track Promising Ventures for Future Investment Want to develop a structured process for managing deal flow?  Our Venture initiatives serve as a pipeline to new methods and mindsets that will drive long-term value and ensure business longevity. Request More Information
Transform Begin the Transition to Tomorrow's Ideas Want to to provide structure in selecting the most promising projects?  Our Transform processes will help you source and research opportunities for the digital transformation of your business. Request More Information
Accelerate Manage an internal startup with structure and discipline Want to manage an accelerator program within your business?  Our Accelerator initiatives will assist in shepherding classes of external startups to growth and success. Request More Information
Suggest Collect, Review and Implement Ideas Need a suggestion box that drives ideas to resolution? Our Suggest process powers company-wide idea management. Crowdsourced ideas are strategically routed to decision-makers. Request More Information